Crusoe’s Retreat In Fiji Is The Ideal Holiday Destination for the School Holidays

As temperatures plummet and the school holidays loom for students across Australia and New Zealand, Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji is looking more welcoming than ever for families looking for an unforgettable Fijian adventure.

Families are welcome at Crusoe’s Retreat, an ideally located Fijian resort on Viti Levu, the largest of the Fiji Islands, on the beautiful scenery of the Coral Coast. There’s no shortage of memories to make at Crusoe’s Retreat and the warm sun, golden beaches and sparkling waters provide a welcome relief from the chills of winter back home.

Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji is a great place to take the family scuba diving or snorkelling through the underwater wonderland of the Coral Coast, or teach the kids a few things about Fijian culture with a trip to the neighbouring village of Namaqumaqua, where the whole family can learn to cook, weave, speak or sing like a true Fiji native.

“A highlight of every guests’ stay is seeing the young children in the village,” says Scott Lee at Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji.

“The children love to show off their village to visitors, and guests love spending time with them.”

The accommodation is comfortable and lavish, with a touch of true Fiji. Seaside and Seaview Bures are available, with plenty of space both indoor and out for the family to relax before or after their daily adventures. Professional service with a smile can be found at the Taki Beach Bar and Grill, with fresh food and cocktails in abundance.

Kiwi kids kick off their school holidays on July 7th, while over in Australia, students from Victoria and Queensland will be welcoming a glorious, if temporary, respite from schoolwork on June 30th, and those in New South Wales on July 7th. As winter rears its head, the welcome at Crusoe’s Retreat is warm and inviting year-round and provides an ideal holiday destination to keep the whole family entertained and comfortable. With affordable prices, beautiful sun and scenery, family activities and a relaxing atmosphere, Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji is the place to be these school holidays.

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