The 7 Greatest Things About Fiji, Home of Idyllic Holiday Destination Crusoe’s Retreat

When you think about Fiji, what comes to mind?

Warm, sun-drenched beaches? Palm fronds waving carelessly in a gentle breeze? An tranquil, tropical paradise with lush greenery and friendly people?

All these things and more can be found in abundance at Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji and are staples of the friendliest place on earth – Fiji, one of the most popular holiday travel destinations in the world. There are countless reasons to love this country, and today we’ll give you the top seven.

Warm Climate, Warmer Welcome

Located in the heart of the beautiful South Pacific, Fiji is warm and inviting year-round. Fringed with golden beaches and rife with calm, peaceful bays and lagoons, Fiji’s sparkling waters and rich tropical landscape makes it a true paradise for those looking to withdraw into the natural serenity this beautiful country provides. Comprised of over 330 islands, the largest of them is Viti Levu, the island where Crusoe’s Retreat is situated, along which lies the deep blue waters of the Coral Coast, a location renowned worldwide for its dazzling dive spots. Tour the bustling city of Nadi after disembarking at Nadi International Airport or go for a sightseeing trip around the island to visit local points of interest, such as Sri Siva Subramaniya, the largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere. Or simply jump in a comfortable, air-conditioned transport to be whisked away to Crusoe’s Retreat, where you’ll be greeted with a hearty “Bula!” and a welcoming drink.

Love is in the Air

The romance of Fiji is unrivalled, with newlyweds, honeymooners or lovers looking to say their vows amidst sun and sand flocking to Fiji every year. Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji offers wedding services, and can arrange a reception, party or honeymoon that you and your loved one will remember for the rest of your lives. Walk hand-in hand beneath the starry sky, the warm sand of the Fijian beach beneath your feet, with the waves lapping gently on the shore… Fiji truly is the place where love takes flight.

The Places to Stay

As an increasingly popular tourist destination, Fiji has no shortage of luxurious places to hang your hat before or after a day of adventure. Crusoe’s Retreat (pictured below) is the perfect way to experience Fiji in comfort and style. Private and secluded, with an off-the-grid feel that allows guests to truly delve into the natural radiance of Fiji, Crusoe’s Retreat offers a bounty of amenities such as a Fijian Spa, deluxe traditional Fijian bures, delicious Fijian meals and more.

Traveller’s Choice

Travellers and tourists the world over have time and again named Fiji as one of their favourite places to visit. If you’re looking to cross one country off your bucket list, make it this one! Once in Fiji, there are more ways to get around than you can shake a stick at, whether it’s a two-hour car trip from the airport to the secluded warmth of Crusoe’s Retreat, or a ferry to whisk you away to one of the many islands or islets dotting the waters of Fiji.

Bula Vinaka! The Culture of Fiji

Fijian life is lived at its own pace – relaxed and unhurried. The culture of Fiji is affable and welcoming, warm as the weather, with a smattering of English and Hindi customs mixed in, making Fiji as diverse as it is convivial. The village of Namaqumaqua, situated just next to Crusoe’s Retreat, is rich with Fijian culture, populated by friendly locals who are only too happy to give the guests a taste of Fijian life. The food served at Crusoe’s Retreat’s new Taki Beach Bar and Grill is reflective of the closeness with nature found in Fiji – fresh and delicious, with ripe fruits and succulent seafood always available and affordable.

The Things You Can Do

Known and loved among travellers the world over for it’s seemingly endless list of things to do, Fiji is the place to be for adventurers, nature lovers, sightseers and divers alike. Those arriving at Nadi International Airport will find themselves conveniently close to Pacific Harbour, Fiji’s adventure Capital. Once arriving at Crusoe’s Retreat, a bounty of adventure options awaits, such as ziplining, a waterfall trek, surf classes and more. Underwater explorers can become PADI-qualified divers at Coral Coast Divers, where dive lessons are available in a variety of languages and will enable you to witness the breathtaking beauty of the topical marine life of Fiji. Take a ferry to one of the many small islands to explore the pristine beaches and tropical forests, or go for a dive trip to Taveuni, Fiji’s third-largest island and one of the best spots for scuba diving in the world. Those looking to learn more about Fijian culture will have no shortage of opportunities, with Namaquamaqua village offering classes in Fijian language, weaving, cooking and singing.

Variety is the Spice of Life

From small, secluded resorts such as Crusoe’s Retreat, to entire private islands, Fiji has something to offer everyone when it comes to places to stay. Where once Fiji was the place to go for a casual holiday, it has now become a haven for all holidaymakers great and small. Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji is the perfect place for holidaymakers, honeymooners and corporate retreats alike. For those looking to explore the wonders of Fiji, the 333 islands that make up Fiji possess many unique characteristics, such as the tiny, heart-shaped Tavarua Island. The western coast of Fiji is made up of twenty small islets collectively named Yasawa, meaning “heaven” in Fijian. And with an off-the-grid feel, privacy and al the vibrancy of Fijian nature, it’s easy to see why. If you’ve ever wanted to book an island, Fiji can provide!

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