Spas, bars, bures and more! The revitalisation of beautiful Crusoe’s Retreat in Fiji is well and truly underway.

The start of many great changes to come has begun at the fabulous Fijian resort, Crusoe’s Retreat, with an extensive list of additions and improvements being added to an already idyllic slice of Fijian paradise – and more are on the way during 2018.

Ideally located along the famous Coral Coast, next to the traditional Fijian village of Namaqumaqua, Crusoe’s Retreat prides itself on being secluded, intimate and off-the-grid.

However, the time and energy being poured into transforming the resort may mean that before long, it will no longer be “Fiji’s best-kept secret,” but the go-to holiday destination for those who truly wish to immerse themselves in the warmth and beauty of Fiji.

The new Taki Beach Bar and Grill – the “hottest happy hour in Fiji” – is a waterfront dining experience that is proving immensely popular with guests, with Scott Lee from Crusoe’s Retreat describing it as perfect for relaxing and enjoying the most spectacular sunset in the world. “It’s like heaven on earth and people have to visit to realise how beautiful it is.”

“It’s a great place to soak it all up. People love Taki, love the laidback approach to it all,” says Scott. “The breath-taking sunset is something not to be missed in your life-time.”

A fantastic promotion is on offer at Crusoe’s Retreat through the end of July and all of August, with a “buy one, get one free” deal for lunches and start your Happy Hour with a two for one cocktail for every day you stay!

Another exciting addition at Crusoe’s Retreat is the hot pool.  With room for up to 20 people, the hot pool has a thatched roof and is perfect for relaxing in whether it’s sunny or raining.

The overhaul of Crusoe’s Retreat has both large and small elements being tended to and improved.

“We’ve changed the pathways – it might not sound significant, but it means a great deal more privacy for the verandas of our Seaside Deluxe Bures,” says Scott.

“The feedback for this small change has been great.  There’s no big block hotel rooms here, everyone has their own private bure, with a breath-taking ocean view.”

Yet another change is the re-branding of the world-renowned Coral Coast Divers, formerly known as Dive Crusoe’s, as a means of acknowledging the allure of the Coral Coast sought by diving aficionados visiting Crusoe’s Retreat.

Crusoe’s Retreat offers a bounty of activities and adventures to its guests, including snorkelling, kayaking, ziplining, waterfall trekking and more, and is the perfect place for a wedding, honeymoon, or just an unforgettable holiday experience.

Not surprisingly, corporate team-building is proving a popular attraction at Crusoe’s Retreat, as it is perfectly set up with a wide range of activities.

Scott Lee said he is delighted with the new and improved Crusoe’s Retreat, with the changes bringing it ever closer to his vision of a perfect Fijian sanctuary.

“We’re loving these improvements, it feels like there’s new life being breathed into the place.  We want to give people a fabulous experience.  The atmosphere is really relaxed – get up when you want, do what you want and the friendly team will help you with whatever you want.”

Future plans for Crusoe’s Retreat include new waterfront palapas and giving the tranquil gardens a lush tropical feel.

And finally, a new-look website is up and running for Crusoe’s Retreat, where services, facilities, prices and more are listed and fully integrated with social media and the latest news and information. Visit their website here:


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